The Royal Wedding 😻: My Thoughts & What Changes?

People are talking about the “beginning of change”. What change?


Since my faithful Suits days, I’ve been a fan of Rachel Zane and Meghan Markle. Since I first saw Prince Harry’s charming smile, and his full ginger head in comparison to brother William’s *coughs* balding *coughs* head 🙊, I’ve loved him, his not-your-regular-waves-and-smiles royal self, and his humanitarian efforts!

The first time I saw the news of Harry and Meghan seriously dating, I was like 😧!! How did that even happen?? They aren’t from vastly different worlds, seeing how they’re both celebrities in their rights. But how did they even meet???? I was stunned more than I can tell.

Fast forward to when they decided to announce that they’d be getting married. I was like, back up. Continue reading “The Royal Wedding 😻: My Thoughts & What Changes?”

Anyone Else Keep Wondering “Where” They’re Going to Meet “The One”?

Does this one, too, have a fault, or you just don’t want to find “him”?

I had the craziest idea while creating this blog: that I could meet this person on WordPress! 😆 I was like, “What?! 😂😂 Nah, you play too much!”

But, seriously, 😩 how many of us “unmarried” or just single people ask ourselves this question a gajillion times? 😂 I do! 🙋🏾 Frankly, I’m tired of imagining. 😂 Some days, I think I’m just high on oestrogen and I just want to meet him already. Other days, I’m like, “Bruh, wherever you are, stay there or stay away!” 😆 Continue reading “Anyone Else Keep Wondering “Where” They’re Going to Meet “The One”?”