What/Who is Ella, Emmanuella?

So I decided to β€œlearn” about myself on Urban Dictionary..


While writing my last blog post, I don’t know who sent me to go and look up my name on Urban Dictionary 😩. Here are some screenshots:

The only thing inaccurate about his definition is the insecurity. And I don’t “make sure people are there for me” πŸ™„. I don’t expect people to be there for me, but I will be there for them regardless 😘☺️.

Oh, I don’t have green eyes. They’re as brown as these ones: πŸ‘€.

What is inaccurate about this one 🧐? Again, the insecurity. What is it with the Ella’s these people know and insecurities πŸ€”?

I don’t get angry easily πŸ˜•.

Kooky? πŸ™„ Really? Lord and only Lord and oh, wait, my lost diary sessions since my laptop crashed (😩) know the truth about that one πŸ‘€. Bizarre πŸ™„? Talks too much? More like laughs too much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

By the way, aside from whatever anyone says your name means or connotes, you define you; not anyone or anything else, not some algorithm somewhere. Don’t let things, circumstances or people define your identity for you πŸ€—.

In the interim, please, gaan shehk your name on Urban Dictionary and let me know what it means according to pop culture πŸ˜‚!