So… I Tried to Get Some Writing Done… But These Happened

Ever Have One of Those Ridiculous Days?


I really did try to get some writing done 🙊 and so did my brain… but I was just too silly to be serious. Oh, come on! 🙄 We all have lazy moments. 😼

These were at random times during the space of n hours 👀:


*lies down on the bed and types away on phone*
Brain: Madam, please can you stand up and get dressed?
Me: 🙄 Who is complaining?
Brain: 😦 Whatever happened to …
Me: Ace! Hold it, pliss! 🙄 Mschew. I’m going. 😒 Nonsense and rubbish.


Brain: Manuella?
Me: Yes, love? 🌝
Brain: Onijekuje ni e (You eat too much rubbish)
Me: Ati iwo naa (And you too)
Brain: 🙄
Me: 🌝


Me: I feel like throwing up. 😫😣
Brain: What did you eat?
Me: J rice, turkey, mangoes. 😕
Brain: Which one of them is it?
Me: 🙄 How am I supposed to know? 🙄
Brain: You’re so rude. 😕
Me: 😐 You realise we’re one body, right?
Brain: Smh.
*minutes later*
Me: Manuella, I want to throw up. 😫
Brain: Put your hand down your throat.
Me: 😮☹️


*lying down on the couch*
Brain: Madam, stand up.
Me: Will you keep quiet! 🙄
Brain: 😮 Ok. 😐
Me: 😒🙄 I don’t need to stand up. I can write like this.
Brain: But, you were just on a webinar and you slept through the last quarter. You’re going to sleep off on the couch. Sit in the chair, instead.
Me: I’m hungry now, I can’t sleep off. 🙄
Brain: 🙄😐 Suit yourself. If you sleep off, that’s going to be +1 for the devil. 👀
Me: 😐🙄 I’ll stand up, soon. 😒
Brain: Smh.
*rolls on the couch*


Brain: Manuella, please start writing. And stop laughing. 🙄
Me: 😂😂😂😂
Brain: ?
Me: But I don’t feel like writing just yet. 😀
Brain: God, what sort of human being is this? 😫
Me: 🙄 I want to watch a movie. ☹️
Brain: 🙆🏾


Me: I feel cold. ☹️
Brain: Go and get a cover.
Me: I don’t want to stand up. 😕
Brain: 😶🙄 freeze over. 😒
Me: 🙄
*stands up to go get cover*
Me: In ya face!! 😝😝
Brain: 😶😪
*seconds later*
Me: I still feel cold. ☹️
Brain: 😣🤦🏾


Author: Manuella

There's an eternity worth of things to say, but to keep it short, I'm a very deep individual, an avid reader and student of humans and the things around us that we interact with. If you ask me, everything has the capacity to be the topic of a deep discussion, including toilet paper. In a discussion, I'd be that person that gets everyone (including the one who's making the most noise) to go "oooooooohh!!" My thoughts spark elements in people's brains. I love imparting knowledge and I kind of have an issue with conveniently unenlightened people, who like to voice their every opinion. I love the spiritual stuff!! God is too awesome for words. There's always something to blow my mind each time I plug in. God is so deep, it's ceaselessly fascinating for me. You should totally visit the spiritual part of my mind. It's indescribable. Insane adrenaline flowing in there!

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